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November 25th, 2009
09:25 pm


Lady Talks a Lot: Having a Gift and Craft Show this Weekend, but will anyone show up to buy?
Lady Talks a Lot: Having a Gift and Craft Show this Weekend, but will anyone show up to buy?

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We are hosting the All I want for Christmas gift and craft show to benefit McMaster Children Hospital this weekend. Even though it is in a good location, Knights of Columbus Hall in Hamilton at 222 Queenston Rd

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September 21st, 2009
12:36 pm


Haunted Halloween Psychic Fair Oct. 10 Hamilton ON

Haunted Halloween Psychic Fair

No cover charge

October 10 2009 11 am – 7 pm

The Winking Judge

25 Augusta St. Hamilton, Ontario

There will be a selection of 11 different talents and Vendors to visit. As usual there will be no door fee. However each talent will have their fees listed for their services.

Accessory to Accessories – Unique Jewellery, Crystals and more www.accessorytoaccessories.com

Lady M – Dragon Tarot Readings – www.ladymtarotreadings.com

Poppy Lynn – Intuitive and Tarot Reader, oracle reader, psychometrist, clairaudient and clairvoyant and is a Therapeutic touch therapist, registered with the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario (TTNO). www.poppylynn.com

Stan Dynak – Astrology

The Wizard’s Daughter MacKinnon – Clairvoyant, Psychometrist Tarot and Spiritualist – www.thewizardsdaughter.com

Alternative Healing – Jocelyn – Reiki, Counselling, Axiatonal Alignment, Psychic Card Readings – www.jocelynehealing.com

Spirit Awakes Unity Crystals, Tarot Card Readings, and Reiki Master www.spiritawakes.com

And more talent and vendors will be available.

This is our first Psychic Fair in a haunted location. The Winking Judge is known to have a ghostly visit or two. Usually he is found in the upstairs area, by the men’s bathroom. Though, a few people have seen them in the actual bathroom. 

This is a great opportunity to have a spirit with a spirit as the bar and kitchen will both be open. The Winking Judge serves the best of Ontario Micro Brewery beers; all the beers are made in small batches and are worth taking time to get to know.

We are also collecting donations of non perishable food for the local food banks and donations of Winter Coats for children. The Winter Coats for children are in need. If you have one no longer needed please donate.

If you would like any information about the Haunted Halloween Psychic Fair please contact Lady M at 905-560-9519 or ladym@ladymtarotreadings.com

Event organized: by Lori-Lee Craig of Lady M Tarot Reading and Poppy Lynn of Mystic Spa.

Public Relations and Press: Unity of Spiritawakes

Marketing Material and Website: by J. Porth of Force of Nature Multimedia Designs

Current Location: Hamilton
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September 20th, 2009
12:45 am


Dying Sucks for the Living
Dying Sucks for the Living
Death is not fun but we all end up doing it eventually. Dealing with death is not so easy on many levels, emotional, cleaning, legal and financial.

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12:27 am


Don't Believe What You Are Told is in the Will Until You See It
Don't Believe What You Are Told is in the Will Until You See It
Dying father made lots of promises, but never changed the will to back them up. Old will was 30 years old and gave everything to an ex-girlfriend. Family received nothing.

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August 31st, 2009
03:20 pm


Giving me what I won’t give myself

My husband has been trying to convince me for years that it is ok to pamper myself. Anyone who knows me knows I always put everyone else in my family first. Even when I have money to buy myself something I usually end up spending it on the kids. It is a bad habit, I know it is. Even when I need something I will put it aside to give the kids something they want. He has made it his mission to give me the things I won’t buy myself. He is even getting the kids involved. They like the idea of giving things to Mommy.

Take today for example. I had mentioned that I would like a new electric can opener a few weeks ago. When we were out shopping this week he suggested I pick one up. I said no, we had other things to buy. He showed up with an electric can opener for me today. I guess I should not be so surprised when he does things like this.

It is like the time I had a negative allergic reaction to the soap we use. I guess they changed their formula or something. That night he showed up with a selection of handmade natural soaps for me to try. It was appreciated. I loved the kiwi mango soap and use it all the time now.

When I complained about my old pans he showed up with a new pan every payday for two months. I now have a lovely set of pans, but could do with some pots. I am kind of afraid to mention it to him though. Who knows what he would show up with.

My husband is letting my kids help pick things to give me. They are little so it does take a bit of guidance so I don’t end up with a Barbie doll and Nerf dart gun again. Though, I did like the Barbie doll and Nerf gun because they gave me what they thought I would like.

My husband tells me all the time that I do nice things for them all the time so it is only fair that I let them do nice things for me. It is a hard argument to win. I know. I have tried. He knows I love incents, aromatherapy oils, bubble bath and fresh ground coffee. For my birthday they gave me a coffee mug full of coffee beans and a little coffee bean grinder. It was a really nice gift. My son came up with the idea of coffee. My husband took it from there. I enjoyed the coffee, and use the grinder several times a day.

I overheard my husband asking our kids to pick between the Champagne or Heaven scented aromatherapy diffuser for Christmas. I am actually hoping they do get it for me, even though I know it is really from my husband. I had read about a Reed Diffuser for aromatherapy oils online and have been interested in trying one ever since. Of course he remembers me talking about trying it so there is a good chance that is what I am getting.

I have to admit that I could get used to my family going out of their way to make me feel special. I like to think that the way they are making me feel is the same as I make them feel, special and important. I know I should put myself first more often but I just don’t seem to be able to. My family is always going to come first for me. That is part of being a parent for me.

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April 14th, 2009
02:17 pm


How do you become motivated again?

Some days it is hard to be motivated to write, or do anything. These days it just seems easier to sit on the couch in front of the TV then working. That is bad seeing as I am self employed. I don’t work, I don’t make any money. If I don’t put the effort into getting off the couch nothing gets done. The kitchen becomes a war zone, counter and sink full of dishes and the table covered with papers, mail, school bags and toys. The laundry becomes a mountain taller than my children. Making it all the more daunting to even start cleaning and that is just after one day of not doing anything.

How do you become motivated again? The need for money is there but it is always there. The desire to do something is there in the morning when I get up, but seems to be gone by the time the kids are out the door. Because I work for myself I have no one to kick my butt but me. If I don’t look for work or promote myself I don’t get any writing assignments or bookings. So everything is up to me and on me. I have to be constantly promoting myself and working at finding work. Then I have to get it done. I have a lot of work to do but not much is something I would get paid for. It seems to be work trying to get work. Some days it is nice to sit back and do nothing. However once you get a day off it is hard to get back to work, especially as there is no quick payoff, but a waiting game hoping for work.

Eventually I realize that I have done nothing for days and have to find some way to become motivated again. I have to force myself to do something, anything and then I find that I actually get something done. So how to motivate yourself is to do something and keep on going. It helps when I get an assignment or a booking. Then I know my hard work pays off. Other days it is just a matter of doing what has to be done anyway and then finding a way to keep on working. The only way to get through this is to force myself to do something and then something else. Then suddenly I am working again, getting things done.


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December 5th, 2008
01:55 pm


The $350 and $450 Mystic Spa prize packs or gift basket contest is up and running

TALK 820 AM has the Mystic Spa contest on their website now. If you are interested in entering her is the link to the contest page http://www.talk820.com/contests/new/837025/mystic+spa+prize+pack%21.


I wish I could win one of these actually. They are wonderful glass bowls full of candles, incense, an incense holder and several hundred dollars worth of gift certificates, even one for $40 for product on Medieval Magic. 


I wish everyone luck with this contest.

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December 4th, 2008
11:53 pm


Interview on TALK 820 AM December 5, 2008

I will be interviewed today, Dec. 5, at 11am on TALK 820 AM radio. Several of us will be interviewed; myself (Lady M) and Poppy, Franco and Unity will all be on-the-air being interviewed about December’s Mystic Spa. As many of you know I will be doing Tarot readings at the Mystic Spa on Dec. 13, 2008.

 TALK 820 will have a contest for five prize packs of goodies from Mystic Spa participants. There are two valued at $450 each and three valued at $350 each. They are worth winning. They include product from the White Flame Candle Company (candy bowls, votives and glass jarred candles and a crystal votive holder) and Medieval Magic (incense and incense holder/ash catcher) as well as a $40 gift certificate for Medieval Magic online store. There are also gift certificates for readings from Lady M, readings from Poppy, readings by Franco, services from Spirit Awakes, for $40 at the upcoming Mystic Spa, Dec. 13, 2008 to be used with any of the talent there.

 Listen to the show live online or catch us on the radio, and make sure you enter to win one of these great gift baskets.

 I am so looking forward to the interview and the Dec. 13, 2008 Mystic Spa in Burlington.

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August 9th, 2008
08:29 pm


Writer's Block: Your Costume
If you were the sort of cartoon or video game character that always wears a costume, what would you wear? Why?
 What ever looked good on me and let me do my job.  I tend to like jeans and tee shirts but I could have some interesting costumes if I was a video game or cartoon character.  I would like something with a corset like what the bar wenches had on in medieval times just because I know they are comfortable, are flattering for almost all women no matter if they are plus size or not, and give great back support.  Also if you get the right one made they can stop knives or at lest slow them down.  I am sure one could be made out of Kevlar or something like it as well.  I would like spandex pants or tights under a cheerleader or Jetsons type skirt.  The spandex pants would look ok under a skirt and keep me from showing more then I want to, and the skirt would help hide the not so small belly or butt that would not look so good in spandex alone.   Hoping the “sexy” outfit would keep people underestimating me as they looked at what I hope would be a sexy distraction as I kicked their butts.


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08:25 pm


Sex advice is really relationship advice
For the longest time people on Myspace keep asking us to start a Sex Advice Column.  It seems there has been a huge lack of places where people can talk freely and get some honest non-judgmental information and advice about relationships, sex and more.  I don’t understand this because there seems to be a lot of sites that have open forums to discuss sex and relationships.  I guess people just have not spent the time looking, or are uncomfortable with talking on them so they are not getting the information they want.


The biggest pieces of relationship advice I can give are know yourself, accept yourself, and then talk with your partner and be honest about it.  If you do not feel safe enough with the person to talk about your desirers and needs then you are either with the wrong person, have not been in the relationship long enough or don’t accept that part of yourself yet.  If you cannot be honest to yourself and your partner both in your relationship and sexual needs then what is the point?  Neither one of you will have the relationship you both deserve because your not letting yourself be open enough.


One of the biggest issues seems to be porn.  Sure ladies like to look at hot guys but most do not become consumed by it the way some men (not all, not even most but some) find themselves with porn.  Porn can cause problems in relationships.  People are always asking about how to get their partner to stop looking or to get off their back for looking.  It comes down to communication; respect and self-esteem, each person and relationship are different.  Some people feel it is cheating or disrespectful for a man to even look at porn and others have no problems with it.  Others are ok if it is something they do together and on the other side of the coin some are ok if the guy looks at porn when they are not around.  The only thing you can do is talk about it and find out what is ok for everyone in the relationship.


It all comes down to communication.  How can you expect to have great sex if your partner does not actually know what you want, what you like because you don’t tell them.  If you are having lousy sex it is probably because neither one of you knows what the other wants or needs and are not willing to talk about it.  Guess what, expect poor relationships and sex if you are not able to talk about things.

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